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The story so far

Who We Are

InspireLdn is a platform which strives to motivate, encourage and inspire young millennials, currently at the ‘building’ stage of their lives, through different life experiences. Our goal is to see individuals reach their full potential and become the best they can be by stepping out of that place called the comfort zone.

It All Started When..

Our story starts with our founder Sadé Oludoyi, who has always been enthusiastic about self development and motivating others using her own life experiences. During her 1st year of university, she went through a traumatic year which birthed the strong desire to ensure others don’t go through the same experience. As a result, she started InspireLdn.

How We Aim To Reach Our Goal

Online content: We post daily quotes, articles, images and videos on our social media accounts with the goal to continuously keep you motivated, encouraged and inspired.

Events & workshops: We aim to host events - tailored to your needs that will connect you with the right resources and people to take you to your next level.

Sharing real life stories & testimonies: Hearing a real life story/testimony is one of the most powerful tools of motivation, encouragement and inspiration. On our ‘Thankful Thursday’ page we share some awesome stories from our followers. Join the movement.

Mentoring: ‘The difference between success and failure can be based on the presence of a good mentor’. A good mentoring relationship is essential to reach the next level, however, many people don’t know where to find a mentor. Inspireldn MentorMatch© is on its way!

  Follow our Journey

August 2014

InspireLdn was founded

So in August 2014, just after Sadé’s 1st year at university, InspireLdn was founded. It started off as a blog, where Sadé would write heartfelt posts that reflected the issues she was facing at the time.

June 2016

Inspire LDN on IG

Blogging during university while attempting to balance studies was hard. Sadé received a lot of criticism and became discouraged. Due to the inconsistency of the blog posts, she decided to start an instagram page which would require less effort (so it seemed). On this page, where she would post daily encouragement, quotes, stories, scriptures etc. Things quickly started to kick off and the response was positive!

July 2016

Anything & Everything Radio Show by Made in Chafford

About a month later a friend reached out and asked if Sadé could feature on his radio show called Anything & Everything by Made in Chafford. She was asked to speak about music, the 'I.N.S.P.I.R.E' Blog at the time, singleness and her career. Have a listen: https://soundcloud.com/madeinchafford/inspire-episode-22


Momentum began to build..

Things started to kick off and the momentum began to build slowly but steadily. The feedback from the radio show was fantastic, we continued posting daily doses of motivational posts and we began to experience growth and interaction across our Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram pages.

July 2017

First Milestone!

In July 2017, we reached our first milestone! 500 followers and 100 likes. The only way was up from here!

July 2017

Vlog Experience!

In the same month, Sadé was asked to be a panelist at her church Annual Women’s Conference. She decided to vlog her experience. You can watch the full clip here ...

November 2017

Second Milestone!!

With consistency, giveaways, interactions and great content, InspireLdn has grown and reached greater heights. In November 2017 we reached our greatest milestone yet - 1000 followers on Instagram! Greater things to come. Side note: Many people don’t know but InspireLdn actually started off as as an acronym - I.N.S.P.I.R.E. However, it was tedious, long winded and complicated so we scrapped this!

March 2018

The Official InspireLdn Launch!

In March 2018, InspireLdn hosted its first event, the official launch & the launch of our brand new website! It was outstanding and an amazing experience

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