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I failed my driving test SIX Times

I used to blog a couple of years ago and what I realised through that short period of blogging was that the use of personal stories was very effective and compelling for the readers. Using real life situations to inspire our readers is what makes InspireLdn special.

So onto the topic of this post…’Keep Going’. We hear this phrase all the time! If it’s not ‘keep going’,it’s ‘stay focused’ ‘just do it’ ‘stay consistent’…all in all, these statements hold the same message.

Let me tell you a story.
I failed my driving test 6 times. Yes. SIX times. Towards the end of college (2013), everyone around me seemed to be talking about driving so I thought I might as well start taking lessons and jump on these roads too. Prior to this, driving wasn’t a thing that necessarily crossed my mind, not until it became a topic of discussion anyway. So during the summer before I started uni I did my theory and passed, then took my practical test just before 1st year and FAILED. I was so upset, especially because it was a horrible driving test as well.

So during my first year at uni I was determined to pass this test and start driving, but again I failed another 4 times and I was just so discouraged at this point. I just accepted that I would be using TFL for the rest of my life – I had already settled this in my mind. So the summer before 2nd year quickly approached and I attempted once again to do my test so I could get a car just in time for 2nd year and do turn ups! Surprise, surprise, I failed and failed woefully. You can imagine how discouraging this was. I didn’t even want to tell my parents or anyone for that matter.

So during 2nd year, I didn’t bother with any more driving tests (big mistake by the way) and my theory expired so I was even more demotivated at this point – I couldn’t be bothered! When the summer before my final year came, I spoke to a couple of people, spoke to different driving instructors and explained by situation to them, received some advice and completely changed my mindset. My initial goal was to pass my driving before i graduated, so I gained motivation and just decided to go for it. I thought of all the money I had spent on previous lessons and tests and couldn’t let that go to waste.

That summer I did my theory for the 2nd time, passed, remain focused, too a few more lesson and FINALLY passed in October 2015 during my final year!!!!

So in total is took me from college (2013) to final year of uni (2015/2016) to complete my driving. It was definitely a journey…

Lessons learnt from this situation:

1. Keep going: Giving up is the easiest option. Great results come from hard work, consistency and dedication. SO KEEP GOING!

2. God’s timing is perfect:  During the beginning stages of doing my driving lessons, I used to tell everyone and anyone. I was just so excited about driving so I felt like everyone needed to be kept in the loop. Please don’t make this mistake. It puts you under unnecessary pressure and stress. Also remember not everyone will be happy for you..

3. Keep your journey private: It’s hard to comprehend, but after this situation, there is no doubt in my mind that God’s timing is always perfect. If I had passed my driving test any earlier, I would have been driving for all the wrong reasons – especially to show off during university. Therefore, God knows best.


Thanks for reading.



  • Sade
    Posted at 16:59h, 05 April Reply

    Nice one

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