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Our Founder

Sade Oludoyi

Hey! I’m Sade Oludoyi, 24 and a 2016 Social Psychology Graduate from Loughborough University. I studied psychology because of my interest in understanding people and their behaviours. I have always been interested in psychology - especially developmental psychology and I aim to apply this in my career. Speaking of careers, I currently work as a Learning & Development consultant. This aligns extremely well with my passion to develop others. So it's amazing that I get to do this at work too! InspireLDN was founded just before my 2nd year at university (2014). I had recently gone through a traumatic break up with my boyfriend at the time while also struggling with my friendships, identity and confidence issues. In short, I felt like the world was against me.I wanted a place where I could express myself while also empowering others. I’ve always been passionate about motivation and ensuring people become the best they can be so that’s how this platform started! The vision for InspireLdn is to motivate young millennials, particularly within the ages of 18-25, to become their best selves in all areas of life & to see tangible progressive results. I want to see individuals achieve great things in their careers, businesses, finances, academics and much more through this platform!

Fun facts about me

I love eating but I don’t like trying new foods!

I am half Igbo and half Yoruba (people are always surprised not sure why)

One of my favourite things to do is watch TV series, particularly shows to do with crime and American ratchet TV (covers eyes)

I love spending time with my loved ones - they make me so happy!

My favourite colour is dusty pink

I am in love with my faith - it keeps me going and defines everything I do.